The Mini Hamburgers

The Classic

Served with lettuce and pickle on a toasted roll. ADD CHEDDAR - .25cents

$ 4.00

Mood Indigo

Blue cheese, mushrooms and onions sauteed with diced bacon on toasted ciabatta.

$ 4.75

I Get a Kick Out Of You

Roasted jalapenos, pancetta, provolone, mayo on a toasted roll.

$ 5.00

You’re My Everything

Sauteed sweet peppers, onions and garlic, swiss, mayo on a toasted roll.

$ 4.75

La Vie En Rose

Gruyere and onions caramelized with thyme and vermouth on toasted ciabatta.

$ 4.75

Veggie Burger

PattyWagon house made Veggie Burger: quinoa, black bean, and beet veggie patty served with lettuce and pickle on a toasted roll or ciabatta. With cheese add .25

$ 4.00

Specials & Combos

The New Deal

Two Mini Classics, hand-cut fries and a can soda or water.

$ 14.00

The combo

Choose ant TWO mini burgers, hand cut fries and a drink and we take $1.00 off the total!

The Fries


Our Famous Hand Cut Fries

Hand cut potatoes fried twice and tossed with sea salt, or add rosemary and garlic. Never frozen.

$ 5.00

The Pickles

Kruegerman Dill Pickles

Delicious and perfectly crisp. Made locally at Kruegerman Pickles in East LA and made from locally grown cucumbers.

$ 2.00